Gunther und Timo Keller    Barriquefass

The Keller Niedermoschel winery is located in the northern Palatinate mountains and belongs to the Nahe wine region. It is run by the fourth generation of the Keller family, who are also the tenants of the Löwenstein castle ruins. Therefore you will find our winery under the keyword Weingut Burg Löwenstein. We cultivate a vineyard area with predominantly south-facing slopes of 10 hectares. Since our vineyards are almost exclusively located on steep slopes, we still manage our facilities almost exclusively by hand. We have made a conscious decision against mass production and for the production of high-quality wines. During the year we work up to 10 times on each individual vine. We offer the white wine varieties Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Scheurebe, Würzer and Pinot Gris. Our red wines are Pinot Noir and Dornfelder. The vines grow on different types of soil, including clay, loam, slate, porphyry and sandstone soils. This variety allows us to offer you a wide range of dry, semi-dry and sweet wines. In addition, we produce a wide variety of fruit brandies and liqueurs in our fine distillery, which are ideal as a digestive to round off a rich meal.


We offer you wine tastings all year round in our tasting room. If the summer weather is nice, the wine tastings can take place in the vineyard on request. We complement this with a vineyard hike and outdoor tastings. We also offer culinary wine tastings in cooperation with our regional gastronomy. You can experience the interplay between food and wine and the influence of food on the taste of the wine for yourself.

Our highlight of the year

our yearly big wine tasting event always takes place on the last Saturday in June. In our Keller winery, you can try the new wines with music and culinary delicacies. A guided wine tasting with a tour in the vineyards is just one of the highlights of this day.