What is happening at the Keller winery:

In the vineyard ...

we are currently in the process of cutting back the excess wood from the previous year and removing it from the wires. A bow vine remains. The new shoots, flowers and ultimately the grapes grow from it in spring. The arched vine is shortened so that eight to ten buds are usually retained. The removed old wood is chopped up and serves as humus for the vineyard.

In the wine cellar...

we are currently in the process of filtering the new wines of the 2020 vintage to prepare them for bottling. The new wines are bottled in March / April and look forward to being tasted.


we carry out wine tastings all year round, combined with guided tours of the vineyards, stock tastings, traditional food and subsequent cellar and distillery tours. In the summer months, wine tastings, hikes and hearty meals in the "Wingert" (vinyard) are an enriching event. If we have piqued your interest, we look forward to your registration in your "Burg Löwenstein" winery, owner

Winery Gunther Keller "Castle Löwenstein"
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