People we trust enrich our winery with their commitment and their love for wine and nature. We introduce ourselves on behalf of our many hard-working helpers.

Gunther Keller     

Gunther Keller (Senior Manager and responsibe for the vine maintainance)

gave his heart to the vines. He circles the vines two dozen times a year and therefore has a special relationship with each vine. His work begins in December with the pruning. This work takes him until the end of February. If the vegetation begins in April / May, he has a lot of work to do: "taking out eccessive branches", "fixing the new branches", cutting the shoots and taking out eccessive leaves are part of his job. He is our expert in crop protection, soil cultivation, modern foliage work, and pruning. Only after the grape harvest in October it gets a little quieter for him.

Christiane Keller

the all-rounder of the family. Whether in the office, in sales, in the cellar work or in the kitchen, she is the good soul of the company! She organizes and leads the wine tastings and is in charge of marketing.

Christiane Keller
Timo Keller

Timo Keller (Junior Manager)

has been strengthening our team in his profession as a viticulture technician since summer 2015 after completing an apprenticeship in viticulture at the Bad Kreuznach state viticulture school. He helps decide which vineyards are harvested and when. Because healthy grapes are the first step towards natural and distinctive wines. His main activities include the grape cultivation and processing, the wine fermentation as well as the care and processing of the wines. He ensures the professional processing of the grapes, monitors the fermentation process as well as the measures to improve the quality of the wine and carries out quality controls in all stages of wine production - from the raw material, the grapes to the wine ready for sale. For 6 years he has been a member of the so called “young wild ones”, a diverse group of young winemakers from the Nahe who inspire and support each other.

Our Philosophy

More than wine:

The Keller winery is a long-established winery on the area of river Nahe. It has been in the family for four generations. We cultivate a vineyard area of ​​10 hectares, exclusively steep slopes. The Silberberg and Hahnhölle vineyards are among the best steep slopes on the Nahe. The soil structure in these locations is very diverse, giving the wines their own incomparable aroma. Our wines present themselves with fine, subtle fruit, freshness, race and elegance. Traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, but also Scheurebe and Würzer are grown here. Our red wine grapes are Dornfelder and Pinot Noir. A matter close to the heart of our winery is the production of predicate wines of the highest quality. In our tasting room you can experience it yourself with a detailed commented wine tasting.


In 1989 the Rheinpfalz wrote an article with the title: "A visit to the Keller winery in Niedermoschel, wine has been in our blood for a long time". On the right you can see Gunther Keller with his father Reinhold Keller bottling the 1988 vintage, in the lower picture the specialist wine tasting in the Hotel Knobloch. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Rheinpfalz Artikel 1989

A wine price list of the Keller winery from 1980, at that time still located in Hauptstraße 4, were it was originally founded. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Weinpreisliste 1980

Weinpreisliste 1980 innen

Weinpreisliste 1980 außen